Wednesday, May 8, 2019

In my humble opinion.....

The use of these images to insult a person you disagree with on social media is in very poor taste.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Twitter Is it a Safe Haven for Cyber Bullies? By failing to discourage cyber bullying, will Twitter force its advertisers to jump ship? Are these tweets (and others) below, exceptions or acceptable behavior?

Friday, December 21, 2018

When Twitter Can't Control the Cyberbullies...

I expose anti homeopathy activists & cyberbullies on Twitter. Any publication of private information that they themselves have not tweeted, "hurts" the victim (me in this case), their friends and family members. All of them. My Twitter handle is BrownBagPantry
When Twitter can't control the cyberbullies' behavior, maybe they need to change the rules.

There are many topics on Twitter that garner harassment and cyberbullying. Other than the obvious, a person's health treatment if other other than conventional care, is becoming more of a target. In this blog piece, I want to highlight the organized effort to harass the patients who use and support the form of medicine called homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment is researched, licensed and practiced with great success in private practices, in universities and large medical centers worldwide. No, this is not an attack on conventionally accepted medical care, which is life saving and monumental in its scope and successes. I use and rely on it when I need to.

I have personally benefited from homeopathy after conventional doctors failed to diagnose my problem. Thirty-five years ago, in chronic pain, down to 80 pounds and no longer able to work in a large county hospital as a certified medical transriptionist, I was slowly dying.

I owe the fact that I'm alive to homeopathy. So, I tweet about it. For that, I have been an easy target for Twitter cyberbullies. I'm not the only one. This blog and this entry is not for me. It is dedicated to the millions of homeopathy patients, their homeopaths and the companies who manufacture homeopathic remedies and make them available at an affordable price. If Twitter would please consider changing the tweeting rules for EVERY form of licensed and recognized health care, I will not have wasted my time.

Collected over a 5 year time period, the remainder of this blog post below contains many screen shots showing examples of cyberbullying on Twitter. If you can "stomach it"', there is another page of examples HERE here and HERE