Saturday, May 21, 2016

@MedTek Uses Twitter to Libel Me Can She Be Stopped?

Why is this targeted abuse / harassment allowed on Twitter?

Calling me a “dishonest American woman”, MedTek sent the tweet below to Chris Heaton-Harris, a member of the British parliament and sponsor of the newest version of the Saatchi Bill, which would allow innovative therapy including homeopathy for patients for whom no other care has been of benefit. I tweeted to Mr. Heaton-Harris thanking him for his continued effort for passage of this bill noting that I have many friends in the UK. My Twitter ID clearly shows I live in the U.S.

@MedTek then tweeted the following to myself and Chris Heaton-Harris: “ @BrownBagPantry @chhcalling this dishonest American woman is exactly WHY you should be listening to British scientists.” #homeopathy Nov 05, 2015

Then these two: @BrownBagPantry @chhcalling #homeopathy, of course, is the opposite of innovative medicine. It's not even medicine. Nov 05, 2015

@BrownBagPantry @chhcalling Which one of us has an actual stake? I am a UK resident and taxpayer working in healthcare. You? Nov 05, 2015

Note: MedTek's Twitter pages notes that she lives in the United States, on a houseboat in Seattle, Washington.

MedTek then tweeted a link to @MetalOllie's blog where he talks about my Twitter interaction with Dave Hope. Rightfully so, he reminds her that what she has done is inappropriate!

Then, thankfully, this MP tweets to me with a large amount of integrity and understanding!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Denis MacEoin Defends Homeopathy & Power of Anecdotal Evidence

In courtrooms, careful evaluation of anecdotal material from witnesses can lead to handing down life sentences. It is a very important method of assessing truth and falsehood.

"I am totally fed up with this simplistic and out of date belief that anecdotal evidence is worthless. Like many other academics, I have worked with the critical evaluation of good quality anecdotal evidence. It is highly significant in many fields, but medica are never trained in how to use critical methods. In courtrooms, careful evaluation of anecdotal material from witnesses can lead to handing down life sentences. It is a very important method of assessing truth and falsehood. A great deal of the anecdotal material surrounding homeopathy, particularly evidence for veterinary and infant use, is very strong indeed. And it is backed up by a growing body of hard science, notably in the new field of ultra-high dilution physics. Assumptions that homeopathy cannot work because there are no molecules in high dilution are deeply outdated in the era of nano-particles.

Understanding how homeopathy works is no longer done in chemistry but in physics. Not only that, but people who know little or nothing about the subject, who have never sat in for long periods with homeopaths, and who cannot see that health improvements can be monitored by scans, blood tests and other devices or methods. There is placebo in homeopathy, just as there is in conventional medicine; but conventional medicine, given its acclaim and status, its settings in, and the myth of 'doctor knows best' is much more likely to create placebo reactions than a system that is derided, scorned and dismissed by know-nothings, and which takes place in humbler settings. Science does not work in the lame way Mr Crumlish and others think. He needs to read Kuhn's study of paradigm shifts or Harry Collins's excellent study of replication, which show with great exactitude that science does not move forward easily or without controversy.

The beneficial effects of homeopathy are far beyond the feel good factor of someone listening to you. When herds of dairy cows recover from mastitis thanks to homeopathic remedies in their water troughs (something quite standard for many dairy farmers), it is most certainly not because the vet spoke nicely to them and had a listening ear. If you're not willing to learn, to study, to engage in sensible debate, then you know nothing at all about science. If you were a student of mine, I would fail you on the spot."

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Homeopathy User Defends Herself Against Twitter Bullies

It's difficult to understand why Twitter does not work harder to stop this type of targeted harassment and libelous pattern of abuse. Doesn't it ruin their online reputation? Any comments left on this blog will remain private. Scroll to top of the tweets to see entire exchange. HERE

Monday, January 11, 2016

Homeopathy is Safer More Cost Effective Health Care

Research Studies Proving the Efficacy of Homeopathy What scientific actuarial company is brave enough to disprove my contention? A large number of research studies have proven the efficacy of alternative medical treatments, including the use of homeopathy. I have noted only a few of them on this page. I am certain that if a scientific actuarial company were to perform an audit comparing the cost / benefit / outcome ratios between homeopathic and conventional pharmaceutical treatments, there would be ample proof that the use of homeopathy, for starters, has the potential to not only decrease the number, but the urgency of ICU hospital admissions. I also propose that with the use of either homeopathy alone or as an integrative care model approach, the Standard of Care (SOC) will improve, the taxpayer cost burden will decrease, and faster recovery with earlier discharge times will be a result.

Click on each study to view via direct link.

    1.   Homeopathic Nux vomica & Calendula are potent inhibitors of H. pylori for the treatment of human gastritis.

    2.   Homeopathic Coffea Cruda & Nux vomica improve mood & depression in adults who suffer from coffee related insomnia.

    3.   It is possible to record the response of homeopathic medicines on physiologic parameters of the human autonomic nervous system.

    4.   Homoeopathic Arnica montana reduces DNA damage in Escherichia coli exposed to ultraviolet irradiation.

    5.   Homeopathy integrative nanomedicine: "homeopathic remedies could initiate anticancer effects".

    6.   With classical homoeopathic treatment "patients with psoriasis improved in symptoms and quality of life."

    7.   A case series: Treatment with homeopathy for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) "seemed to have a positive impact on PMS symptoms".

    8.   Treatment with homeopathic Causticum showed a significant inhibition of pre-induced Carrageen (or Carrageenan) inflammation & edema in rats.

    9.   When the usual conventional treatment failed, properly prescribed homeopathy was able to cure this severe case of nasal aspergillosis in a 6 y.o. dog

  10.   Study concludes that homeopathic Thymulin 5cH could be a viable method to improve productivity in poultry production. Agrohomeopathy.

.   11.   Scientific provings of ultra-high-dilution (UHD) homeopathy on humans repeatedly allows separation of placebo vs verum (a.k.a. "true") symptoms.

  12.   Homeopathic treatment to promote peripheral nerve regeneration in rats was "faster & clearly more positive" than in the control group.

  13.   Study proves homeopathy "can be used as a complement to conventional anti-tubercular treatment with beneficial results".

  14.   The use of homeopathic treatment for tonsillitis revealed both a subjective & objective "significant decrease in symptoms".

  15.   Study of treatment with homeopathic Arnica status-post carpal-tunnel release surgery documented a more "significant reduction in pain after two weeks."

  16.   Study of four homeopathic remedies revealed a maximum ability to inhibit the growth of Aspergillus niger fungus.

  17.   Homeopathic Crotalus horridus 200C proved as effective as Dimiazine in the treatment of tick-borne Babesiosis in dogs.

  18.   This study concluded that homeopathic remedies have anti-cancer properties & immune system boosting effects in experimental animals.

  19.   Professor Edzard Ernst concludes "the evidence supports the use of homeopathic remedies over placebo in osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis".

  20.   Further demonstrations in homeopathic research with animal models that there are "biological effects of homeopathy".

  21.   Homeopathic remedies with anti-neoplastic (anti cancer) properties have immuno-modulatory effects in animals.

  22.   The homeopathic remedy Tarantula cubensis was able to partially neutralize the deleterious effects of Aflatoxin effects in rats

  23.   This study concludes the "use of homeopathy may be able to treat a considerable number multi-morbid patients at lower costs than conventional medicine".

  24.   Proof that homeopathy improves B1 cell activation & Leishmania phagocytosis (efficiency) in infected mice.

  25.   Proof that homeopathy is more effective for treatment of children with sub-clinical hypothyroidism with & without autoimmune thyroiditis.

  26.   Homeopathic "Lappa has shown positive effects in the treatment of acne (vulgaris) especially the inflammatory type."

  27.   Homeopathic China rubra 7CH limited side effects of quinine used 2 treat malaria in pregnant women.

  28.   This study showed anti-proliferative effect of homeopathic medicines on human kidney colon & breast cancer cells.

  29.   Homeopathy complex Datif-PC(®) suggests treatment of anxiety & sleep disorders "can produce notable improvements."

  30.   "Homeopathic B. vulgaris has strong anti-urolithiasis potential at an ultra-diluted dose."

  31.   Use of homeopathy for otitis media with effusion shows decreased antibiotic use in children and It's COST EFFECTIVE.

  32.   Proof that homeopathy treatment shows a statistically significant reduction allergic skin diameter wheal size in cat allergic adults.

  33.   With two homeopathic remedies for PMS, the participants reported "significantly improved quality of life."

  34.   Homeopathy aggravations using Q & LM potencies "seems to be associated with better treatment outcomes."

  35.   A study of homeopathic Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblasts showed positive reproducible effects.

  36.   Proof that homeopathic treatment for idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia reduced pain intensity by more than 60%.

  37.   Proof that physiotherapy & homeopathy were more effective than placebo for lower back pain due to osteoarthritis.

  38.   Proof that homeopathy can replace the use of antibiotics. "Piglets of the homeopathic treated group had significantly less E. coli diarrhoea."

  39.   For mild & moderate clinical bovine mastitis, homeopathic treatment was superior to antibiotic treatment.

  40.   For acute respiratory and ear complaints, with homeopathic treatment the "onset of improvement with homeopathy was faster."

  41. Significantly more patients than control group 77.1% vs 61.7% reported improvement in 3 days with homeopathic Engystol.

  42.   Homeopathic vs standard care for glue ear in children "antibiotic consumption was lower in the homoeopathy group."

  43.   Antibiotic use for infectious diseases in pigs is of concern to consumers. This study proved that that homeopathy was more effective.

  44.   In a study of childhood acute otitis media, the homeopathy treated group had less pain, recovered faster and had fewer relapses.

  45.   Proof that patients with Xerostomia (dry mouth) did better with homeopathy which "could be a valuable adjunct."

  46.   A homeopathic China & Chelidonium combination showed "complete parasite clearance" of the lethal malaria parasite.

  47.   There was a "trend towards less narcotic use in the homeopathy treated group of young patients with mucositis" caused by chemotherapy.

  48.   Homeopathic Arsinicucm Album 30C "reduced arsenic toxicity" & DNA damage therefore validating the efficacy of ultra high dilution.

  49.   Study "results suggest homeopathic treatment is an effective & safe method in the treatment of minor aphthous ulcers."

  50.   128 women w/ dysmenorrhea experienced improvement with homeopathy and the "use of other health services decreased."

  51.   For motility-related variables, there was a trend toward superiority of homeopathy for acute symptomatic tendinopathy.

  52.   Homeopathy had maximal anti-inflammatory effect for the treatment of inflammatory periodontal diseases.

  53.   Homeopathic Euphorbium compositum & its components has proven anti-viral activity in nasal mucosa & sinuses.

  54.   Study of Egyptian asthmatic children revealed "absolute improvements after 6 months of treatment by homeopathic medicines."

  55.  Rebound action of acid suppressing drugs "Findings support Hahnemann's concept of secondary action of drugs."

  56.   Of 455 patients treated via homeopathy, 32.5% stopped or substantially reduced their conventional drug use.

  57.   In France family physicians are main source of information on homeopathy to treat side effects of chemotherapy in children.

  58.   "Sweeping statements about the scientific impossibility of homeopathy are themselves unscientific."

  59.   1,972 patients documented prescriptions & [positive] clinical outcomes in West Bengal, India homeopathic hospital.

  60.   Proven efficacy & safety of fixed-combination homeopathic (Sinusitis PMD) therapy for sinusitis.

  61.   Patients with influenza-like syndromes treated via homeopathy recovered in less time than the placebo treated group.

  62.   Proof that supports prior research suggesting individualized homeopathy treatment can benefit cancer survivors.

  63.   90% of patients treated for acute rhinosinusitis via homeopathy were symptom free; whereas the placebo group had no change.

  64.   Proof that homeopathy for acute viral tonsillitis offers "earlier symptom resolution, cost-effectiveness & fewer adverse effects."

  65.   Anti homeopathy political activists won't understand this, but homeopaths & their cured patients will.

  66.   Confirmation by CT (computed tomography), homeopathic remedies where shown to increase bone mineralization in chickens. Will this be applicable to osteoporosis in the elderly?

  67.   Proof that homeopathic Calcarea carbonica induced apoptosis (death) of cancer cells via "a two step mechanism."

  68.   Homeopathic Passiflora Compose could be an alternative to psychotropic drugs for first intention treatment of anxiety & SDS.

  69.   Homeopathic Anax-i exerts antidepressant, anxiolytic & analgesic-like effects, promoting hyperlocomotion & weight loss.

  70.   Homeopathic inhaled M1 is an efficient & cost effective candidate for metastatic melanoma cancer patients.

  71.   Treating pediatric tonsillo-pharyngitis via homeopathy could reduce the need for costly antibiotics.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

"There ought to be legal repercussions"

Addendum: The anti homeopathy Twitter users still trying to get me suspended from Twitter. Instead, DaveHope80 got suspended. I had nothing to do with his suspension from Twitter.

This TWEET is what the malicious anti homeopathy skeptics have turned a mother of six into! She and DaveHope80 have been turned into hateful Twitter users.

A tweet of 28 Nov, 2015 by @ellieornot who was led to believe, incorrectly and purposefully, that BrownBagPantry (my Twitter ID) is a homeopath.

I agree 100 per cent, IF THAT TWEET WOULD INSTEAD READ: There ought to be legal repercussions against a group of anti homeopathy trolls who use a grieving father as a pawn to slander someone who they believe is a homeopath. I am not. I am a grateful homeopathic patient. Personally, I think this approach is better. I will post a link to this blog post every time an anti homeopathy troll maliciously uses my well intended interaction with the father [DaveHope80] of a child who died as a result of sepsis. Even a UK sepsis doctor joined in.

I feel I have a right to defend myself against these continued misrepresentations, using outright lies. The father himself sent me a private direct message that, to me at least, expressed his displeasure surrounding the ensuing crusade against me. My effort to defend myself in this manner may take weeks, but it is past overdue. The family needs to grieve in a suitable manner without being constantly reminded of this misunderstanding that was settled between myself and Dave, privately, early on. The Twitter user MetalOllie had an instrumental hand in starting and continuing (as I write this) the emotional injury to this father. See Metal Ollie's blog posts. Metal Ollie's first blog post   2nd blog post  3rd blog post Read them carefully. You will be able to see the spin and the real reason Dave was chosen to be the poster boy against me and homeopathy. These people had Dave so upset that he tweeted this (see image) and included my home address in a private message to me via my blog. (not published here for obvious reasons) He did apologize to me via Twitter DM saying "I would never do that." He and I have agreed to keep our more in depth correspondence private.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Those "faux" Latin names Used for Homeopathic Remedies

In the United States, one of the common names for the homeopathic remedy Phytolacca decandra is "pokeweed". A research study found that homeopathic "pokeweed" was capable of inducing apoptosis (cell death) in skin melanoma cells. This study and conclusions can be found HERE

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Homeopathy Skeptics Are Still Failing

Disclaimer | Twitter Homeopathy Skeptics | Why block homeopathy skeptics?| Skeptics' Jargon| Skeptics are Everywhere

A Google search for homeopathic skeptics will return information on Stephen Barrett, Edzard Ernst, Skeptics in the Pub, Simon Singh and the magician and illusionist James Randi, among others. A Google search for skeptics blogs returns a site URL (among others) for a skeptic who tells you how you can "fix" the Wikipedia entries. It just so happens that the Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is not a fan of homeopathy and wants to "stop it." An advantage for the skeptics? Ah, so far that's a no. (1, 2)

The skeptics have tried to discredit homeopathy since Hahnemann's time. The medical establishment and its member practitioners and scientists, along with the press, had a field day attacking Hahnemann and his patients. I think the same skeptic types are recruited and involved today. Despite their efforts then and now, according to the World Health Organization, homeopathy has grown in popularity and is the second most used health care system worldwide. Are the skeptics failing? Let's consider the facts.

1. Health care consumers have not been convinced that "real drugs" (versus "sugar pills") are a better option, especially when there is the continued publicity of class action law suits and the withdrawal of drugs because of adverse side effects, including death even years after they were FDA approved and on the market. And then there is the over prescription of antibiotics giving rise to new drug resistant infection by "super bugs". From the FDA The Limitations of Safety Data for Drug Approval the following:

"There are hundreds of thousands of adverse events reported via MedWatch each year, but this reporting system is voluntary and there are serious drug reactions that are never reported. Because the nation's healthcare system is not integrated, there is no standard way to track the adverse effects of a medicine in any given health system or across different health systems. Health insurance databases can be helpful in this regard, but they are only accurate as long as a patient has the same job and is enrolled with the same insurance system since many people are insured through their employer. This limits FDA's ability to monitor the safety of medications taken over many years. However, FDA, through its Sentinel Initiative, is currently working to develop capabilities to use data from different health systems to better understand the safety of drugs in clinical practice. " (3)

2. Perhaps a bit trite, but still significant when one considers sales and market trends, the number of books about the effectiveness and theory of homeopathy for sale on Amazon at the time of this original blog post two years ago was 2,772. On October 21, 2015, that number has risen to 8,155. A search of Amazon's homeopathic remedies for sale on 9/9/2013 showed 11,233 active listings. (4, 5) Today, 10/21/15 that number has increased to 21,922 active listings.

3. Every state in the U.S. now recognizes the practice of homeopathy and homeopathic doctors. (6)

"Every state requires a license for the practice of medicine, the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Consequently states also regulate the practice of homeopathy. Medical doctors and osteopathic doctors are the only professions allowed to diagnose and treat illness in all of the states. There are several states that also license naturopathic physicians to diagnose and treat illness. These states are AK, AZ, CT, HI, ME, NH, OR, UT, VT, WA. Generally, homeopathy can be employed legally by those whose degrees also entitle them to practice medicine in their state. This includes MD's, DO's, ND's, DDS's, DVM's. Some DC's are permitted by their state law to administer homeopathic remedies. Other health care providers such as nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, licensed acupuncturists, nurse midwives, and podiatrists may be allowed to use homeopathy within the scope of their licenses, depending on the laws of the state in which they reside."

4. The number of online and campus setting teaching courses in all the CAM practices, including homeopathy, is steadily growing. "There are literally dozens of homeopathic training programs offered in states like Delaware, Georgia, California, Washington, New Jersey, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, Illinois, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, Minnesota, New Mexico, Connecticut, and Texas." (7)

"The Evolving Role of CAM Integrative Medicine in American Medical Education" (8)

5. The number of cancer research and treatment centers in the U.S. that are using integrative medicine, including homeopathy is also expanding. (9)

"Integrative medicine (blending the best of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with conventional medicine) is becoming increasingly popular.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...."[1] Charles Dickens had never heard of integrative medicine when he wrote the opening line to his classic text, but it fittingly describes the context in which integrative medicine clinics find themselves today. [2,3] There is increasing evidence that both patients and clinicians see integrative medicine as the best way to provide optimal health care."

6. According to an October 7, 2011 study released by the Chamber of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM), the world homoeopathy market is a $5.35 billion dollar market and growing at a rapid annual rate. If one multiplies $5.35 billion by just 1.25% annually, without adjustment for inflation, one gets a $1.1 trillion dollar global market by 2035. (10)

7. Homoeopathy is the third most popular method of healing in India, after conventional medicine and Ayurveda. Additionally, the legal status of homeopathy in India shares an equal footing with both modalities.

Nine million people use homoeopathy in Brazil. Homeopathy was recognized as a medical speciality there by the country's Ministry of Medicine Director in 1980.

Countries that offer homeopathy within their national health care system include: Brazil, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK and Switzerland. Countries that recognize homeopathy as a medical specialty and/or system of medicine include Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Equador (rated by WHO as being better in health care than the US), Mexico, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Russia, UK and Switzerland. Homeopathy is established as a primary discrete health care discipline with an in-depth undergraduate education and training program, as well as a professional infrastructure equal to that of conventional medicine in India, Mexico, Pakistan and South Africa. It is also officially recognized in Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia.

The UAE, Thailand, Cuba, Argentina, Iran, and Russia have granted official recognition to the number of homeopathic teaching institutions, and their research activities are being revitalized.

Australia and New Zealand homeopathy is developing into a complete healthcare profession and is receiving government recognition through positive enabling legislative change. (11, 12 )

8. There are growing numbers of research studies and controlled clinical trials proving the efficacy of homeopathy dating back to January,1988. (13)

9. The homeopathy skeptics are coming under fire. (It's about time). One of the skeptics' top personalities, Brian Dunning was indicted for fraud. (14)

"Who are these so-called Quackbusters?" Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen (15)

10. "Edzard Ernst - Critic Of Homeopathy Exposed" (16)

"We believe that it is time to recognise that opposition to homeopathy is largely based on the opinions of individuals who are unqualified or unwilling to judge the evidence fairly. One person may be right and 2.3 million may be wrong, but this interview confirms the evidence which H:MC21 (Homeopathy of the 21st Century) has already presented, namely that one individual, Edzard Ernst, is not a credible source of information about the effectiveness of homeopathy."

11. "California Superior Court Judge Rules on Quackbuster Credibility"

"This was a case filed by the so-called National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF) against a manufacturer of Homeopathic products. The quackbusters were soundly, and publicly, beaten in this courtroom. The Judge's opinion about top quackbusters Stephen Barrett, and Wallace Sampson is classic." (17)

12. The skeptics talking points have lost their effect from over-use in combination with ridicule and cyber-bullying. (I think I can boast that yours truly has become the fart in the elevator of their minds.) (18)

This comment by Maria Maclachlan the wife of Alan Henness, the director of the Nightingale Collaboration was posted on my fighting for homeopathy blog on Google. At first I thought I would delete it, but decided instead to publish it instead.

"I recommend a homeopathic remedy to you, Sandra. Excrementum caninum. On the principle that like treats like, I presume it treats shit-for-brains syndrome. Try it and let's see if it makes you any more intelligent.

You are one of the nastiest cult-members I've had the misfortune to come across and it's fair to assume that it's because you don't have a rational argument that you continue to behave in this despicable manner.

So far all I have seen you do is harass, abuse and lie about people who tell the truth about homeopathy - the truth being, of course, that it is a pile of steaming crap that unscrupulous quacks promote in order to line their own pockets.

Your stupidity is boundless and it is no surprise that you believe in magic pills. So what do you ultimately hope to achieve, Sandra? If your objective is to demonstrate the rank idiocy and nastiness of followers of cult of homeopathy, then please carry on because it is behaviour like yours that keeps me going. "

13. The medical journalist and author Jerome Burne of the UK had this to say about the "arrogant batty" (Mr. Burne's terminology) skeptics, particularly the Nightingale Collaboration. (19)

"Step forward the Nightingale Collaboration, earnest and self-styled defender of rationalism, whose seriously potty members have got these categories mixed up. They have picked on something that might, to some, be mildly irritating – homeopathy – and pumped up their dislike into a cause."

To answer the question posed in the title of this editorial opinion. Homeopathy skeptics: how effective are they? Not very....based on current data and facts. That said, a personal note to all the homeopathy skeptics: Your talking points against homeopathy are as dilute as you incorrectly think a 1M potency of any remedy is. You need to work harder.


12. 13.