Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nightingale Collaboration - The Ugly Side

As BrownBagPantry on Twitter, I promote homeopathy. As a follower of the Nightingale Collaboration, JoBrodie has decided she needs to reign me in. The Nightingale Collaboration was founded by Alan Henness and his wife MariaMacLachlan with initial seed money donated by Simon Singh. Their anti-CAM lobby group "challenges questionable claims made by healthcare practitioners on their websites, in adverts and in their ... feel is unproven...." Since I am not a healthcare practitioner, seems a bit of a stretch how I *fit* that description.

A brief Google search shows that JoBrodie can be an annoyance ELSEWHERE

Saturday, August 30, 2014

British Humanist Association Campaigns Against Homeopathy

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Am I wrong to conclude from the screen shots below (taken 8.30.14) that the British Humanist Association's values might be in conflict with their campaign to stop NHS funding of homeopathy? See second image. The statement can be seen by clicking on "Campaigns", then choosing "Pseudoscience" from the home page. Their Home page can be seen HERE

This second image contains an enlarged view of the BHA's campaign notation on their home page.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Homeopath Steve Scrutton Says Ebola is NOT an Untreable Disease

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You can read Steve's blog post about Ebola HERE

Study Shows Homeopathic Lycopodium Offers Hope For Cancer Patients

Cancer Treatment The Promise of Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are a bit more than just sugar and water. I am taking this opportunity to post a link to three lung cancer treatment protocols using homeopathy at the Banerji Clinic in India. Their successes are being closely followed in the United States by several research institutions, including M.D. Anderson in Texas. You can read about the cures, with x-rays, laboratory and MRI scans, can be studied HERE

Case history of a 90 y.o. male presenting with a parotid gland cancerous tumor. Images and documentation showing total regression with the use of homeopathy at The Banerji Clinic

If you are a "homeopathy skeptic" in the form of a physician, care giver, or health care journalist, I would like to encourage you to educate yourself and personally contact the Clinic with your questions.

Fighting-For-Homeopathy Blog Resources Page

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Read the update on the ACCC vs Homeopathy Plus Court Case HERE
An article published on answers the question "Homeopathy, Why Does it Attract Such Controversy? can be read HERE
The following information is from Homeopathy Heals Me . Lots of great information there. Thank you Louise!

If anyone would like to watch the Homeopathy Evidence Check in UK Parliament with the Science & Technology Committee, I found it here. It is such a farce and Ernst gives evidence. It was at the end of Nov 2009 and second hearing early Dec 2009. There is Tracey Brown from Sense about Science and also Evan Harris MP (who was later thrown out of his parliamentary seat at the 2010 election!) Phil Willis (the Chairman) was knighted. None of the Science & Tech Committee know anything about homeopathy, which is quite clear. They then made a report voted by only 3 of the 14 Committee saying homeopathy doesn't work. This was followed by headlines around the world saying "MPs say homeopathy doesn't work"!

View video here

July 25, 2013

Trust And Respect?
Friday, 12 July 2013
Trust And Respect?

Several things in the online papers today got me thinking about trust and respect. Both traits are usually earned, but are ...

A link to a post by Amy Lansky, PhD and homeopath who wrote a wonderful book about the use of homeopathy for her autistic son. The book is a very inspiring one.

Published in 2007, the information is still relevant today. Read what Jeanette Winterson says in her defense of homeopathy in the UK Gardian HERE

The Nightingale Collaboration and their methods to denounce homeopathy. On the page of Previous Focus of the Month, read the post of April, 2011. It gives you an idea of their tactics to denounce homeopathy and other CAM therapies. Previous Focus of the Month

It is somewhat ironic that Florence Nightingale was a believer in homeopathy! Read more about it HERE

Keep Homeopathic Products Legal in Canada - The Petition Site

"Why Homeopathy is Unethical" Talking Points the Detractors Use! No need to comment. So that you (the defenders of homeopathy) are familiar with the language and "talking points" of the detractors, check out this article entitled "Why Homeopathy is Unethical" by Kevin R. Smith in August, 2011 HERE

The Facebook page for Homeopathy A True System of Healing can be followed HERE   There are many informative posts you will want to save.

A scientific research study "Multiweek Resting EEG Cordance Change Patterns from Repeated Olfactory Activation with Two Constitutionally Salient Homeopathic Remedies in Healthy Young Adults" can be read HERE

Watch this YouTube video with the title "M.D. Talks About Homeopathy, The Natural Way" HERE

Visit the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI), located in England HERE

Read the Homeopathy Research Institute's response to a seriously flawed safety study in the IJCP (International Journal of Clinical Practice) HERE

A nice explanation of the debate surrounding homeopathy "Homeopathy: Untangling the Debate" published in the UK can be read HERE

Program information about the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research (ISCMR) Conference of April 11-13, 2013 can be seen HERE

Jane Gilchrist - Homeopathy's centenarian champion - YouTube Enjoy it HERE

Homeopath Steve Scrutton says Ebola is NOT an untreatable disease, using homeopathy. Read it HERE