Saturday, July 12, 2014

Homeopathy skeptics attack WDDTY Magazine, Now Dr. Malik

July 14, 2014
Guy Chapman uses his 'blag' to ridicule yesterday's blog HERE

This blog post is far from finished, but this is at least a beginning of some things that I want homeopathy supporters to know. NOW. The homeopathy skeptics are working over-time. First their venom was directed towards the WDDTY magazine, now they are trying to ruin the reputation of Dr. Nancy Malik, a homeopath in India that has a very informative blog. I hope that both the magazine and Dr. Malik take appropriate legal action. I will do what I can to help, both on this blog and financially. Stay tuned for more about that....

July 13, 2014
This is such a long story, but for now, let me provide a bit of background about the tactics used by the skeptics, which I have addressed in an earlier blog post HERE against the sale of the What Doctors Don't Tell You magazine published in the UK by Lynne McTaggart. Alan Henness co-founder of The Nightingale Collaboration and some of his followers started a campaign in October 2013 bombarding with tweets and emails to public relations people of the different shops in the UK & Scotland asking them not to not stock this magazine claiming that the magazine's content (alternative medicine, natural therapies, etc) was irresponsible. It seems that what angered the skeptics the most - prompting their email & Twitter campaign sent to the different shops was the fact that there was going to be an article in the November 2013 issue of the magazine that covered the positive work and results using homeopathy with cancer patients at the Banerji Homeopathic clinic in India. I have screen shots, but that can wait.

Since November 2013, the skeptics have not stopped their campaign to censor this magazine and keep it off the shelves in the UK. Just below are some screen shots of more recent activity; notably S.L. Singh (54K followers on Twitter and not a physician, homeopath or scientist), the person that provided the original "seed" money for the Nightingale Collaboration. This organization scours the internet looking for homeopathy websites and articles looking for information they can report as "misleading content". To my knowledge, none of these people who report homeopaths to the ASA_UK are physicians, homeopaths or scientists. The ASA_UK panel (no homeopath on the panel) then makes a determination (mostly against the homeopath) and then proceeds to embarrass the homeopath on their site. The ASA_UK is a private organization that has not been recognized by the government of the U.K.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sinister Actions Against WDDTY Magazine in the UK

It's a 'numbers game' to the followers of the Nightingale Collaboration. Don't let these few people practice this censorship.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A little something about the ASA_UK

Just so you know...the experts of the ASA_UK , remember... that panel of experts who tell homeopaths they can’t mention the word ‘cure’ on their web sites? Someone like Mr. Grahame Capron Tree helps judge homeopaths and homeopathy. See the page of "experts" HERE

From Mr. Tree's short bio this --> “In parallel he worked on International Standards concerned with Vacuum Cleaner performance, becoming chairman of the IEC sub committee (SC59F) responsible for international vacuum cleaner standards in 1990, a position he still holds today. He is also an active member of the US Vacuum Cleaner standards committee, ASTM F11.”

I'll let the readers be the judge about the other 'experts'.

This organization should be a joke, but it’s not. They are serious about stopping homeopaths from advertising. If you want homeopaths to continue to advertise their practices in the UK, please do your part. I do. Even though I live in the United States, you can join me. Do what you can, where you can, how you can.

Oh, one more thing. A portion only of the ASA_UK's funding? Through some type of voluntary levy that companies pay, the ASA_UK collects approximately 5 million pounds each year.

You disgusted yet? Do something about it, sign THIS petition.

How Alan Henness uses Twitter

Was Mr Henness done? No, of course not. In my opinion this behavior is similar to cyber-bullying.I hope if you see it, you will step in to help as Laurie Willberg did.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

ASA-UK GOES AFTER this homeopath!

Please take time to sign this petition for our friends in the UK. A small group of skeptics are trying to stop the spread of homeopathy there. You can sign the petition using your Facebook account. Very easy! The link is HERE  You CAN turn the tide, promise.

An example of the ASA_UK trying to stop the homeopathic practice of Steve Scrutton is HERE

See how the homeopathy skeptics gang up on Dr. Nancy Malik (a homeopath in India) to damage her reputation. The link is HERE

There are more homeopathy supporters than skeptics. Unfortunately, there are not enough supporters speaking LOUD ENOUGH. If people like you and I don't defend homeopaths and homeopathy, who will? If you have a Twitter account, please help defend homeopathy by using the hashtag and the words defend homeopathy like this ----> #defendhomeopathy with something positive about it. Do what YOU can when you can, please. Several people are joining me. Can I count on YOU too? Tweet to me if it is easier for you. I will make sure it has an effect. My Twitter account is: BrownBagPantry

Friday, June 6, 2014


When the homeopathy skeptics are not trying to stop the Saatchi Bill, which may allow the use of homeopathy, they are hounding homeopaths! See screen shots below. It seems that every day Alan Henness' Twitter page hounds Dr. Malik. In my opinion, this behavior should be reported to someone in the ASA_UK. Any and all comments are welcome.