Monday, January 20, 2014

Policing Homeopathy and now Watercress?

See 1st screen shot. Alan Henness (co-founder of the Nightingale Collaboration in the UK) and one of his followers is branching out beyond just policing homeopaths and homeopathic supporters. Now the author of an article titled “Watercress is Good For You” (originally published in Cook magazine) has crossed his police scanner.

Why Watercress is Good For You.

In my opinion, through Twitter Alan Henness has taken it upon himself to put this author on his form of witness stand to defend herself about something that was not mentioned in the article itself as her own opinion, saying only that studies have shown anti-cancer effects of watercress. Notice that Alan Henness demands that she provide him with links to these studies! Note that in the comments section “gimpyblog” on 1/10/1014 at 8:45 a.m. also wants her to supply links to the studies. Where can someone report YOU, Alan? (See 2nd screen shot).