Monday, January 20, 2014

Policing Homeopathy and now Watercress?

See 1st screen shot. Alan Henness (co-founder of the Nightingale Collaboration in the UK) and one of his followers is branching out beyond just policing homeopaths and homeopathic supporters. Now the author of an article titled “Watercress is Good For You” (originally published in Cook magazine) has crossed his police scanner.

Why Watercress is Good For You.

In my opinion, through Twitter Alan Henness has taken it upon himself to put this author on his form of witness stand to defend herself about something that was not mentioned in the article itself as her own opinion, saying only that studies have shown anti-cancer effects of watercress. Notice that Alan Henness demands that she provide him with links to these studies! Note that in the comments section “gimpyblog” on 1/10/1014 at 8:45 a.m. also wants her to supply links to the studies. Where can someone report YOU, Alan? (See 2nd screen shot).


  1. Hmm. A bit of a crank. Does he not have Google or Bing or is he just lazy?

  2. I feel sorry for people like Kate Carter who doesn't realize that she's dealing with a notorious pseudo-skeptic who is not a researcher, health care practitioner, or anyone else who is knowledgeable about nutritional therapies. The notion that Alan Henness thinks he can bully anyone with fatuous statements like "ensure they check" with anyone is nothing more than a bad case of narcissism on his part. For the record, the writer at gimpyblog probably hasn't a clue what glucosinolate compounds or flavonoid antioxidants are, or, if having looked them up, bothered to also look up relevant research in nutritional science. The pseudo-skeptic "way out" is to constently lie that "there isn't any research supporting... (pick whatever subject)". Pseudo-skeptics are so honked up on their self-professed mission to run down anything but pharmaceuticals it's pointless to waste time doing their homework for them. They are not interested in facts, they're merely armchair quarterbacks intent on philosophically rationalizing their Scientistic notions.
    You're doing a good job of exposing pseudo-skeptic twaddle.

  3. What can anyone say about Alan Henness? Most of the world's population recognizes that the things we eat and drink have health-giving properties, but not Alan. The next time he gets the flu he'll have to run back to the chemist (if he can get out of bed) for some of those useless synthetic chemicals. He certainly won't be able to enjoy a bowl of homemade chicken soup. Yes, indeed, the poor soul was laid up recently for four solid days with the flu. If he had used Oscillococcinum he would have been able to continue spreading his propaganda within 24 hours. So it goes for denialists.


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