Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why Do I Block Twitter Anti Homeopathy Trolls?

Why do I block Twitter homeopathy trolls? Because I'm fed up with the insults. And, this direct message to me from a new Twitter user concerned me even more. For obvious security reasons, I have blocked the user name and logo in the image.

I tweet about homeopathy on Twitter. I am not a homeopath. I am a patient. A group of anti-homeopathy people who disagree with my health care choice have used it to label me, among other things, as

...    a liar, a charlatan, a hag, an idiot, fucking hateful scum, an ass, an imbecile, an ANUS horribilis, a disgusting vulture, a filthy cunt, a prize cunt, a bored hateful old lady, a vile harridan, a fraud, a gutless bitch, an ignoramus, a stupid vicious woman, a cretin, an arsehole, brown stain panty (my twitter handle is BrownBagPantry), and a slimeball. One homeopathy troll @medtek went a bit further by implying (after I tweeted that my dentist is also a homeopath) that she “must have rotten teeth.”

I've started two hash tag threads on Twitter #homeopathytrolls and #twitterbullies for others who have also been subjected to this intimidation and want to share the experience. To reply to the insult(s) just type something like "sending this to #twitterbullies and/or #homeopathytrolls, then click on "reply"

Additionally, if you would like to report this behavior (thereby perhaps saving other homeopathy supporters the insults), Twitter has made the process very easy to do. You can use THIS LINK to alert Twitter support and BLOCK them from tweeting you at the same time. The only good anti homeopathy skeptic is one you have blocked and reported. Twitter support has its hands full to be sure. Perhaps this approach will allow the people who have been insulted to at least vent their frustrations as I am doing now. As Martha Stewart would say: "It's a good thing."

Why should Twitter become a place that allows users who have different opinions to hurl caustic insults? Could it not be stopped by implementing & APPLYING stronger terms of use guidelines?


  1. They are just bullies with no social manners or ethics, no morals. I have also had to block many of them. Not true skeptics, but paid shills and egomaniacal scientism fans, astroturfers and out-of-control narcissists.

  2. Pseudoskeptiks is a hate group and lobby group, this operates under of this organizations:

    -Círculo Escéptico(Spain)
    -ARP-SAC (Spain)
    -AECH (Chile)
    -Comitte for Skeptikal Investigations (USA)
    -GWUP (Germany)
    -Meyerside Skeptiks (Australia)

    Bosses in universities:
    -Mario Bunge (McGill University), Steve Novella, Edzard Ernst, Ray Hyman, José Miguel Mulet Salort, Mauricio José Schwarz..

  3. Wow, I had no idea! Just got my first whiff of them today. Some use for it was learning how to speak succinctly in twitter as an exercise, lol. I gained more followers today in regards to it, so I'm good. Interesting to go through though. Maybe having structured responses to their claims could be a good support if the responses were strong it might backfire on them and promote homeopathy especially if we all went at them at once. Bad publicity is sometimes good publicity. You never know. Paid hate is difficult for me to comprehend. It would hurt to have a job like that...


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