Friday, June 5, 2015

Homeopathy Troll Guy Chapman on Twitter & Wikipedia (in his own words)

Guy Chapman is @SceptiGuy on Twitter. He is also "Guy a.k.a. JzG" on Wikipedia as an editor Based on his clear bias against homeopathy and homeopaths, should he be permitted to comment on anything related to homeopathy on Wikipedia? You be the judge.

June 10, 2015   CAUTION The page that is linked to contains adult and anti Semitic content. If I were Mr. Chapman, I would have tried to have it removed somehow. Or, a formal open apology on his "Blag" to those, including me, whom he has seen fit to ridicule and insult would be appreciated.

The tirade against Mr. Chapman was most likely written by someone he offended (there are many) in the past and present. The tirade against him is on the internet HERE The posting of this link should not be considered as an endorsement of or agreement with the adverts, other content and comments by others on the web site. My intent is to expose the behavior of Guy Chapman (a citizen of the U.K.) towards me personally, my followers on Twitter and other social media articles that are clearly anti homeopathy. A few hours ago I was accused of being a racist and a homophobe, among other things, by one of Guy's Twitter friends "MedTek" HERE and screen shot below. I have an Entire Page on this blog of "MedTek"'s insulting tweets. My "handle" on Twitter is BrownBagPantry. MedTek often refers to me as "Baggie" or "BBP".

I'm fighting back, as is my right. It should be easy to understand how this person feels, since Mr. Chapman has written at least one article ridiculing me about my devastating illness that led me to homeopathy on his "blag". The purpose of my fighting-for-homeopathy blog is to shine the light on those who ridicule homeopaths and their patients. I owe it to homeopathy.

I have found some other activity of Guy Chapman on Wikipedia HERE

'If you act like a troll, I will probably ignore you and may tell you to fuck off. ...
Shut the fuck up you whining twat.
Fuck off. Fuck right off.
And I want you to fuck off.
Having given this the consideration it merits, fuck off.
In short there are too many idiots and too few people prepared to tell them to fuck off.
"Oh fuck off" is, in the circles in which I move anyway, perfectly normal.
Now go away and take your tiny mind with you.
Well screw you. I saw the deleted content, and it was shit. Pure,
    unmitigated, unrelieved, venomous, worthless, POV-pushing shit.
I consider you an evil underhand spiteful shit-stirring weasel.
You are an idiot and a time-waster and I fart in your general direction.
Go away you ED-spamming worthless troll.'

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