Sunday, November 19, 2017

Nightingale Collaboration vs WDDTY Magazine

Nightingale Collaboration Tries Censorship of an article in the WDDTY Magazine. It mentions the word cancer, homeopathy & cure in the same headline!

This article is the content the followers of the Nightingale Collaboration were upset about. Apparently, they did not and never want stores in the UK to stock the magazine. I replied to JoBrodie's tweet which implied that the group of Nightingale anti-homeopathy followers should keep up the pressure by emailing the magazine demanding that Tesco take the magazine off their shop shelves. I think this attempt to keep information about alternative medicine, and especially homeopathy, from the public is "sinister" and told her so. In tweets I have followed, one skeptic bragged that he/she would enter the shops and hide the magazines. Another said that he/she bought all the copies to put in the trash so that the magazine would not be in stock. Censorship is never a good thing. It's a 'numbers game' to the followers of the Nightingale Collaboration. Don't let these few people practice this censorship.