Sunday, August 24, 2014

CAM & Homeopathy Skeptics are Anything BUT Civil

Anti Homeopathy Skeptics are Anything But Civil

Many of you who follow this blog know that a few people, including myself, are posting in comment sections to articles that are both for and against homeopathy. What has occurred in the comment sections is not a civil discussion per se but hounding and ridicule by the opposition directed towards anyone who supports homeopathy. It seems that not one person who opposes homeopathy has had a negative experience with their own family homeopath and therefore a legitimate podium from which to speak. But, I digress. What is difficult for me to comprehend is why the intimidation and ridicule other than to stop the posting of anything positive with regard to homeopathy? To me personally, this is nothing more than a form of cyber-bullying. I will include quoted examples of these types of comments, as well as screen shots, at the end of this editorial.

The skeptics claim a variety of reasons for drowning out the positive voices for homeopathy, one being that it prevents people who are seriously ill from seeking legitimate health care. My goodness, people have already died and will continue to die if they abandon conventional medicine that surely would have or will save them! Never mind the lack of statistics to back up this “noble?” claim. There are, however, many patients who can testify otherwise.

One organization involved in challenging all things homeopathic including books on Amazon, homeopaths’ web sites, retailers who sell homeopathic remedies and supporters of homeopathy is the Nightingale Collaboration. There is plenty of information about them and their volunteers here on my blog and elsewhere. They are not the only organization with the means and funds to spend hours online combatting the people they call dupes and imbecils that believe in sugar pills and woo-woo medicine practiced by snake-oil salesmen and charletans. But, I digress.

I don't recall who commented about me with this: “I assume though that the magic water that a homeoquack would offer would be a 100c preparation of SandraCourtney”

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