Thursday, August 7, 2014

CAM Skeptics Gang Up on Chiropractor via Twitter

Nightingale Collaboration Founder Alan Henness enjoys ridiculing CAM practitioners Tweeted by drbillgibson via Twitter to a practicing chiropractor in Jacksonville, Florida for the past two days after a negative article about chiropractors by Edzard Ernst. This is the same disgusting behavior used against homeopaths, and most CAM providers by a small group of skeptics (followers of guessed it...The Nightingale Collaboration) headed by Alan Henness (Zeno001) and his wife Maria. The harassment began on 8/7/14 and has not ended yet. To see the first tweet, scroll down the page to the first entry sent by drbillgibson on 8/7/14. I have not included the individual tweets used to harass the chiropractor by Zeno001 a.k.a. Alan Henness.

Before I forget, to me the most insulting tweet by drbillgibson was this:

Faces of the main three participants:

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst Goodnight. Perhaps you could provide that evidence for you claims tomorrow? Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst Not without producing evidence to back it up, no. Aug 08, 2014

@zeno001 @FlHealing @EdzardErnst I'm licenced in 2 countries, if that helps. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst Who is the unlicensed doctor? Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst Still no evidence? Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Ecidence for that? Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 You have neither disproven @EdzardErnst not provided evidence of benefit for chiro. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Insleep fine at night because far more people are helped by my profession than harmed. You can't say the same. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 That's absolute bullshit, and you know it. So: evidence for chiropractic's benefits? Aug 08, 2014

@zeno001 @FlHealing Amazingly, no. The number of deaths from oxycodone in that study was ... None. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 That has been answered. Stop lying. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 His claims were accurate. The paper he linked to showed >50% of manipulations are associated with adverse effects. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Which false claim? Aug 08, 2014

@zeno001 @FlHealing There have been deaths associated with neck manipulation. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 you asked how many deaths in the study. I answered none. Stop lying. It's getting embarrassing for you. Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 That's a big if. Where's your evidence of *any* benefit? Aug 08, 2014

RT @PharmacistScott: Never let a chiropractor touch your neck: Neck Manipulation Linked to Cervical Dissection — Aug 08, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Silence? Apart from over a hundred answers. Still no evidence for chiropractic, I see. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 it's best not to start a tweet with "I didn't lie" if it then contains a lie. Aug 07, 2014 @FlHealing @zeno001 Your question has been answered. The fact you're too stupid or dishonest to acknowledge that is your problem. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Yes, I did. No deaths in the study (which was oxycodone, not morphine). Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 You asked how many deaths in the study. There were none. Deal with it. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 If they saved millions of lives, if accept it. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @fowkc And the deaths from chiropractic are on yours. What's your point? Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 No, I didn't. You lied about which question for which answer. Aug 07, 2014

@zeno001 @FlHealing So. Now we've cleared that up: evidence for benefit of chiropractic. In your own time. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Which question was that? I've got lost in all your lies about what I said. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @fowkc Chiro's can't prescribe, because they're not doctors, no matter how much they wear white coats and use the title. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 14,000 deaths from opiates, mostly overdose. Almost none at therapeutic doses. Move on and answer Alan's question, Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 Please stop lying about what I said. I did not misunderstand anything. "None" was the number of deaths in the study. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @fowkc No. Those people died from overdose. Very few - almost no - deaths from therapeutic doses of opiates. Aug 07, 2014

RT @zeno001: .@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed Like you, I abhor intellectual dishonesty particularly someone lying about what they asked http://t… Aug 07, 2014

@fowkc @FlHealing At least the sledgehammer is free. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @EdzardErnst are you *ever* going to produce evidence for chiro, you quack? Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst In overdose. Not at therapeutic doses. And yes, I question your ethics: your whole profession is a fraud. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @EdzardErnst I never said there were no deaths from opiates. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @EdzardErnst No. I'm saying that you are assigning the answer to a different question. Which is a lie. Aug 07, 2014

@zeno001 @FlHealing Why would they? Too busy counting their fraudulently-acquired money. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst Go on: tell that lie about it being illegal to criticize Chiroquacks again. That ones good. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst Not at therapeutic doses. How fucking stupid are you? Can you not read? Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst So you're not going to produce any evidence for benefit of what you do? That makes you a fraud. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @EdzardErnst As I said yesterday, none was the number of deaths in the trial I quoted. Stop lying. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @EdzardErnst how so? Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @zeno001 @EdzardErnst No. How many deaths through *therapeutic* doses of opiates? Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @galdam @fMRI_guy @EdzardErnst And neither did I, as has been explained. Answer the question. Aug 07, 2014

@FlHealing @WolfieSmiffed @zeno001 @galdam @fMRI_guy @EdzardErnst So, where's the evidence for what *you* do? Aug 07, 2014

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