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Homeopathy Skeptic Alan Henness & The Nightingale Collaboration

19 July 2013   Does the Nightingale Collaboration "place an unnecessary burden" on the ASA by their reporting? I'll leave that up to my readers to judge. A reminder....these same supporters report homeopaths, write letters to law makers and are seen posting comments that ridicule supporters of homeopathy on blogs all day long...even posting in the wee early a.m. hours.

In this post below, in bold text, there is information updating the complaints made about the advertisements in a newly launched health care magazine "What Doctors Don't Tell You" in the fall of 2012. The author of this communication was most likely Alan Henness. (If not, I’m sure he will correct me by commenting.) Is the systematic hounding homeopaths and homeopathic supporters not enough? Who and what is next? A link to the source of this message to the “supporters” is at the end.

Message to supporters title header: What They Don't Tell You

Many of you will be aware that a new monthly magazine called What Doctors Don't Tell You is being sold in various retail outlets including WH Smith and many supermarkets.

We were dismayed to see that the magazines carry many adverts for products and services that we believe are making questionable claims, which could mislead the public.

There is, of course, a responsibility on all advertisers to comply with the Advertising Standards Authority's CAP Code and this publication and its advertisers are no exception.

In view of the seriousness of many of the claims being made, we have submitted complaints to the ASA about a number of adverts found in the first and second issues.

In the September 2012 issue, we counted a total of 37 ads, with 34 in the October issue. Some of these are duplicate ads for the same service or product.

We have submitted complaints about 26 adverts.

We believe this may be the greatest number of complaints submitted to the ASA for a single publication.

We'd like to remind our supporters that the ASA only need one complaint to investigate an advert — additional complaints about the same ads only places an unnecessary burden on the ASA and will not change the outcome. We believe we have covered the vast majority of questionable claims, so we would suggest there is no need for anyone else to submit any further complaints.

It is, of course, up to the ASA to investigate and decide whether or not any of the ads we've highlighted are in breach of the CAP Code and to rule accordingly.

We will let you know the outcome of our complaints in due course and we will, of course, be monitoring all future issues for similar questionable claims.

04 October 2012 The source of this information can be seen HERE
The image below, from a post gloating about the Nightingale Collaboration's victory against homeopaths, should send a chill up the spine of everyone who loves homeopathy, especially the comment posted by Jonathan who noted that one of the homeopaths who received his threat to monitor his/her web site "was terrified." And then..."I got carried away rubbing their faces in it"...meaning the judgement against the homeopaths. This display of arrogance should anger every supporter of homeopathy. The image is a screen shot from a post by someone in support of the campaign against homeopaths by The Nightingale Collaboration which resulted in the censorship of some of their advertisements. Source:

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